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Stephen Miller + Yasmeen enahora

District Photography is a partnership with artists Stephen Miller and Yasmeen Enahora, Howard University Alumni. Based in D.C., this company travels to capture moments of reality through Weddings, Engagements, Events, Dance, Film, Portraiture, Head Shots and Children. 

Stephen and Yasmeen met in 2015 during a photography exhibition. Stephen took photos in India and collaborated with an orphanage to raise money for the children. He showcased his work in Washington, D.C. at his co-working space Locale. Yasmeen attended the event and the rest is history.

The two are inseparable. Stephen is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and Yasmeen is a southern bell from Atlanta, Ga. Both full time artists, the two began their photography endeavors in high school. Both trained in 35mm film photography.

Yasmeen took photography classes which focused on developing photos in the darkroom, inspired by a friends photo collage project. Stephen, after being exposed to National Geographic at a young age due to his grandfather, the botanist Lafayette Frederick, he decided to capture the beauty in this world.

You can catch the two always taking pictures or carrying a camera, whether it’s digital, analog or even a disposable camera. Stephen and Yasmeen aim to capture this world through their lenses.

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Stephen Miller | Yasmeen Enahora